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Complete your manual separation workstation

  • Effortless: tools that make your cell separations even easier
  • Optimized: all you need to perfect your workstation
Miltenyi Biotec has developed a number of tools that make MACS® Cell Separations even easier, including a stand to conveniently position the MACS Separator, specially designed racks, and adapters.


The MultiStand can be used for setting up MiniMACS™, OctoMACS™, MidiMACS™, and QuadroMACS™ Separators. read more

Tube racks

Tube Racks for use with manual separators:

Column adapters

Adapters required to insert MS or LS Columns into VarioMACS™ or SuperMACS™ Separators:

Column extension

Extension for CS Columns for optimal positioning in SuperMACS™ or SuperMACS II Separators. read more
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LS Column Adapter

Content: 1 piece
130-090-544 $130.00 cart

LS Column Adapter Kit

  • LS Column Adapter (130-090-544)
  • LS Columns plus tubes (130-041-306)
130-041-408 $445.00 cart

MACS 15 mL Tube Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-091-052 $130.00 cart

MACS Acrylic Tube Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-041-406 $130.00 cart

MACS Column Extensions

Content: 100 pieces
130-041-419 $35.00 cart

MACS MultiStand

Content: 1 piece
130-042-303 $175.00 cart

MS Column Adapter

Content: 1 piece
130-090-543 $130.00 cart

MS Column Adapter Kit

  • MS Column Adapter (130-090-543)
  • MS Columns plus tubes (130-041-301)
130-041-401 $390.00 cart

OctoMACS Acrylic Tube Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-090-448 $130.00 cart
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Showing 1-9 of 9

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