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CD8+ T Cell Isolation Kit, human


The CD8+ T Cell Isolation Kit was developed for the isolation of untouched cytotoxic CD8+ T cells from human PBMCs. Isolated CD8+ T cells are depleted of CD8+CD56+ cells.
The next generation CD8+ T Cell Isolation Kit, human (#130-096-495) is available! The updated Kit gives you even higher purity, greater recovery, and faster cell isolation. You can isolate untouched CD8+ T cells in as little as 25 minutes!


Detailed separation procedure

Non-CD8+ T cells, i.e., CD4+ T cells, γ/δ T cells, B cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, granulocytes, and erythroid cells are indirectly magnetically labeled by using a cocktail of biotin-conjugated antibodies against CD4, CD15, CD16, CD19, CD34, CD36, CD56, CD123, TCR γ/δ, and CD235a (Glycophorin A), and the CD8+ T Cell MicroBead Cocktail. Isolation of highly pure CD8+ T cells is achieved by depletion of magnetically labeled cells.

Downstream applications

The CD8+ T Cell Isolation Kit is the tool of choice when direct labeling of CD8+ T cell surface molecules could interfere with downstream applications, e.g., in studies on cytotoxic T cell activation1. Untouched CD8+ T cells may also be used for the isolation of specific cytotoxic T cell subsets, such as naive or memory CD8+ T cells and activated CD8+ T cells.


LS or autoMACS® Columns.


Figure 1

Untouched CD8+ T cells were isolated from human PBMCs using the CD8+ T Cell Isolation Kit, an LS Column, and a MidiMACS™ Separator. Cells were fluorescently stained with CD8-FITC, CD56-PE and CD3-APC to visualize the target cell fraction. Isolated CD8+ T cells were CD3+ and CD56.

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Selected references

  1. Finney et al. (2004) J. Immunol. 172: 104–113.

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CD8+ T Cell Isolation Kit, human

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