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Automate your cell separation

  • Efficient cell separations for increased throughput, productivity
  • Reproducible, reliable, and user-independent results
  • A variety of solutions for your specific cell isolation needs
From parallel cell isolations to fully automated multisample cell separations, we offer flexible workflow solutions for automating MACS® Technology. Interested in higher throughput cell separation and processing? We also offer integration into liquid handling platforms with comprehensive solutions.

autoMACS Pro Separator

The art of automated cell separation

Explore the autoMACS Pro Separator and discover the convenience of walk-away cell separations. read more

MultiMACS Cell24 Separator

Say hello to flexibility

Explore the MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus and discover how easy it is to isolate 24 samples in parallel. read more

Robotic integration

Automated multisample cell separation

Explore your options for liquid handling integration. read more



Discover our accessories for automated cell separation – providing you with reliable tools to empower your research. read more



Explore a selection of the latest publications and references from a broad range of scientific fields, featuring cell separation with the autoMACS Pro Separator. read more



Miltenyi Biotec offers world-class technical support and service optimized to meet the needs of researchers worldwide. read more

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autoMACS Pro Separator - Starter Kit

  • autoMACS Pro Separator Instrument
  • MACS MiniSampler
  • MACS Reagent Rack 4 (130-094-574)
  • Chill 5, 15, 50 Set (130-097-038)
  • barcode reader
  • software
  • autoMACS® Columns (130-021-101)
  • 4×column substitute
  • autoMACS Pro Buffer Combination
  • User manual
  • short instructions
  • one-year warranty
130-092-545 price on request here cart

MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus

  • MultiMACS Cell24 Separator
  • MACS Elution Station
  • Elution Chamber Base
  • Elution Chamber Lid I
  • Elution Chamber Lid II
  • Multi-24 Column Block (130-095-692)
  • 2×24-well Deep Well Plate, sterile packed
  • Single-Column Adapter
  • MultiMACS 5 mL Tube Rack (130-095-331)
  • Column Blank Holder and 9 Column Blanks
  • Tubing
  • Power cord
  • Null modem cable
  • High power CAN cable
130-098-637 $14,900.00 cart

Air-Filter Extension Set

Content: 1 set
130-091-339 $60.00 cart

autoMACS Acrylic Tube Rack

Content: 1 rack
130-090-348 $110.00 cart

autoMACS Additional Planned Maintenance

160-001-758 price on request here cart

autoMACS Bottle Extension Set

  • 3×color-coded sensor cable extension
  • 4×color-coded tube extension
130-090-334 $225.00 cart

autoMACS Full Service

160-001-270 $4,175.00 cart

autoMACS Full Service Premium

160-001-271 $4,550.00 cart

autoMACS Laminar Hood Set

  • Tube rack elevation block
  • 5×round autoMACS elevation feet
130-090-333 $265.00 cart

autoMACS Planned Maintenance

160-001-269 $2,850.00 cart
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