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Mouse EGF


EGF stands for epidermal growth factor. Mouse EGF is a recombinant protein optimized for use in cell culture, differentiation studies, and functional assays.
Mouse EGF can be used as an ingredient for many cell culture media. EGF stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of a wide variety of cell types deriving both from ectoderm and mesoderm.


Background information

EGF is the prototype of the large family of EGF-like proteins with a common structural motif comprising three intramolecular disulfide bonds. EGF is produced by various cell types like mammary gland cells, gut epithelial cells, and cells in the nervous system and the kidney. EGF stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal cells, acts as a mitogen for fibroblasts, epithelial and endothelial cells, and promotes colony formation of epidermal cells.

Quality description

Research-grade cytokines are suitable for a wide variety of cell culture applications. They are sterile-filtered prior to lyophilization. Generally, endotoxin levels are <0.1 ng/μg (<1 EU/μg), and purities are >95%. The biological activity is tested in appropriate bioassays.
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Mouse EGF, research grade

Source: E. coli
Content: 100 µg
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130-094-036 $75.00 cart

Mouse EGF, research grade

Source: E. coli
Content: 500 µg
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130-094-037 $225.00 cart

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