Enhance your T cell flow analysis in immuno-oncology

Recorded webinar

With immunotherapies being more frequently selected as a cancer treatment, the need for further T cell focused cancer research is increasing. Flow cytometry is considered the favored method of choice to measure phenotype, plasticity and functionality of T cells. 

However, experiment planning and data analysis can be challenging due to time-consuming panel design and choosing the correct gating strategy. Furthermore, inconsistency in results may also be influenced by inter-operator variability and reagent quality.

In this webinar we will describe:

  • Best practices when performing flow cytometry, from experimental design to data analysis
  • Solutions for quick, easy and standardized multi-parameter T cell analysis
  • Exemplarily analysis of CAR T cells and antigen-specific T cells

About the presenters

Saskia Rösch joins us from University Hospital Heidelberg. Here she completed her Ph.D. and post-doctoral studies in cancer research and T cell immunology. She is now product manager, responsible for T cell portfolio.

Urmi Roy completed her Ph.D. in immunology at TU Braunschweig. Here she specialized in mucosal immunology and gut microbiota. She is now product manager responsible for the flow cytometry reagent portfolio.


A recording of the webinar will be made available shortly.

Saskia Rösch, Miltenyi Biotec

Urmi Roy, Miltenyi Biotec