The MACSQuant® Tyto® Sorter – Gentle and sterile cell sorting in a closed system

Microchip-based cell sorting offers a number of advantages compared to conventional jet-in-air cell sorters. High sample throughput, purity, yield, and low cell stress can be achieved simultaneously. The MACSQuant Tyto Sorter is a benchtop instrument that uses a sterile disposable cartridge with a microfluidic chip to purify samples in a closed environment.

At the heart of the microchip is the world’s fastest valve that enables precise flow switching every 10 µs. Therefore, valve actuation rates of up to 30.000 events per second can be achieved. The droplet-free microfluidic approach minimizes cell stress during the sort process, resulting in high cell viabilities and preserved cell functionality.

In addition, the close cartridge system prevents aerosol formation, ensuring operator safety during the sort process. Simple workflows without complicated setups and alignment procedures allow for sorting with just a few mouse clicks.

In this webinar Felix Eppler will give a presentation about:

  • Microchip-based cell sorting technology
  • MACSQuant Tyto applications and data

Presenter: Felix Eppler, PhD, Miltenyi Biotec, Germany

This webinar took place on October 16 & 18, 2018. 


MACS Academy: The MACSQuant® Tyto® Cell Sorter – Gentle and sterile cell sorting in a closed cartridge system

In this webinar, learn about microchip-based cell sorting on the MACSQuant® Tyto® Cell Sorter. Find out how cell sorting within a closed cartridge system allows for a more gentle and sterile approach than conventional droplet sorting.