Adult astrocyte characterization, isolation, and cultivation

Dr. Melanie Jungblut, co-author of the paper “Anti-ACSA-2 defines a novel monoclonal antibody for prospective isolation of living neonatal and adult astrocytes” published in Glia recently, will give a presentation and discuss with you about:

  1. Generation of astrocyte-specific antibodies
  2. Features of astrocyte cell surface antigen-2 (ACSA-2), e.g. its expression pattern at different developmental stages and in different brain regions compared to other neural cell markers
  3. Integration of the Anti-ACSA-2 antibody into a complete workflow to study adult rodent brain – from sample preparation and cell isolation to cultivation and immunofluorescence analysis as well as flow cytometry
  4. Isolation of neonatal and adult astrocytes using Anti-ACSA-2 MicroBeads for transcriptome analysis by single cell mRNA sequencing

Presenters: Melanie Jungblut, PhD, and Hui Demuth-Zhang, PhD, Miltenyi Biotec, Germany

This webinar took place on August 7, 2018. 

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MACS Academy: Astrocyte research – novel tools for characterization, isolation, and cultivation

Melanie Jungblut gives an overview of novel approaches for the characterization and isolation of astrocytes and neural stem cells by combination of optimized cell preparation methods and sophisticated cell sorting technologies. Topics include unique astrocyte-specific antibodies, a novel approach for gentle sorting of adult neural stem cells with the MACSQuant® Tyto® Cell Sorter, how to optimize neonatal and adult brain tissue dissociation, and improved serum-free cultivation of primary astrocytes and adult neural stem cells.