MACSQuant® Analyzer instrument training

This 4-day training course covers the basics of flow cytometry and operation of the MACSQuant® Analyzer. Consisting of theoretical presentations and practical lab sessions, participants will learn the basics of instrument setup, including calibration and compensation. 

Additional modules will include sample preparation and acquisition, data analysis with MACSQuantify™ Software, and basic maintenance and troubleshooting.  A special flow application, such as pre-enrichment of rare cells or analysis of whole blood without lysis will also be performed.

Our MACSQuant Analyzer instrument trainings are offered in our MACS Academy training centers in Germany, United Kingdom, and USA.


Course lectures and exercises include:

  • Basics of flow cytometry and the MACSQuant Analyzer
  • Compensation of spectral overlap
  • Setting up a multiparameter cell analysis experiment
  • Data analysis with MACSQuantify Software
  • Automation with the MACSQuant Analyzer

Laboratory practicals include:

  • Instrument startup/calibration/shutdown
  • Cell preparation
  • Compensation and data acquisition
  • Automated cell labeling and multisample processing
  • Simple troubleshooting
  • MACSQuant Column enrichment of rare events

Learning objectives

  • Be able to operate the MACSQuant Analyzer and MACSQuantify Software
  • Understand principles of flow cytometry and flow applications as it applies to the MACSQuant Analyzer
  • Design, perform, and analyze a multiparameter cell analysis experiment, including setting up proper controls and instrument settings
  • Be able to set up the MACSQuant Analyzer to automatically label and process multiple cell samples for flow analysis


MACS Academy locations and training dates

Bergisch Gladbach/Cologne, Germany

Bisley, Surrey, United Kingdom

San Diego, CA, USA

  • May 25–28, 2021 | this training is fully booked
  • June 8–11, 2021 | this training is fully booked
  • June 29 – July 2, 2021 | this training is fully booked

Training contacts