Basic flow cytometry training

This 2-day training course gives a profound introduction to flow cytometry. Theoretical presentations and hands-on sessions in the laboratory convey the basics of instrument setup, including detector adjustment and fluorescence compensation. The training also outlines the design of multicolor cell analysis experiments, sample staining, and measurement, as well as the analysis of flow cytometric data.

All practical flow cytometry procedures are performed on the MACSQuant® Analyzer flow cytometer using the MACSQuantify™ Software.


Course lectures, exercises, and lab parts include:

  • Basics of flow cytometry
  • Compensation of the spectral overlap of fluorochromes
  • Setting up a multiparameter cell analysis experiment
  • Data analysis with FlowLogic™ Software

Laboratory practical training includes:

  • Setup of scatter and fluorescence detectors
  • Titration of antibodies
  • Use of dead cell discriminators
  • Compensation and data acquisition
  • Analysis of flow cytometry data, including identification of cell populations and the use of flow cytometric controls

Learning objectives

  • Understand principles of flow cytometry and its applications
  • Design, perform, and analyze a multiparameter flow cytometry experiment, including setting up proper controls and adjusting instrument settings

MACS Academy location and training dates

Bergisch Gladbach/Cologne, Germany

No available training dates at the moment. Please check back later.

San Diego, CA, USA

No available training dates at the moment. Please check back later.


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