thermoMACS™ Separator

thermoMACS™ Separator

The thermoMACS Separator is a heatable device designed for molecule isolation and subsequent in-column processing. The thermoMACS Separator is used in combination with µ Columns and µMACS MicroBeads. The separator can hold up to four µ Columns. Enzymatic reactions with separated molecules can be performed in the column, as the thermoMACS Separator can be heated to 37 °C or 42 °C.


Target molecules magnetically labeled with MACS MicroBeads are retained in the µ Column placed in the thermoMACS Separator. Thereby, nucleic acids, such as mRNA as well as proteins, or molecular complexes are efficiently purified from cell lysates. Subsequent enzymatic treatment of molecules retained in the µ Column can be performed at 37 °C or 42 °C. This enables in-column cDNA synthesis immediately after mRNA isolation from cells, enzymatic protein assays, or DNA modifications. Such in-column reactions save time and target molecules, as tube-to-tube transfer, precipitation, or separate purification steps are dispensable.
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thermoMACS Separator

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