All the tools you need for pre-clinical micro-CT

  • Saving time by eliminating tedious steps
  • Hassle-free contrast agents for consistent and reliable results 
  • Ready-to-use – as easy as "ABC"
  • Excellent tolerability – only 100 μL injection volume, which greatly enhance cardiovascular tolerability
  • Committed to the “3 R’s” (Reduce, Refine, Replace) of animal research

Viscover™ Imaging Agents bring to you the broadest portfolio of imaging agents tailored for pre-clinical micro-CT. ExiTron™ CT Contrast Agents have been specifically developed for providing micro-CT with long sought-after soft-tissue contrast. Novel nanomaterials help extend the application range of any micro-CT far beyond mere bone scans. ExiTron nano is the only innovative inorganic nanoparticular CT contrast agent allowing blood pool (angiography, visualization of fine blood vessel structures) and organ-specific (liver, spleen, tumor, and metastases) imaging in a single application.

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