MACSQuantify™ Software

MACSQuantify™ Software

The MACSQuantify™ Software is an intuitive program that not only acts as the interface with the MACSQuant® Analyzer, but also provides a powerful stand-alone application for data analysis on individual computers.
The MACSQuantify™ Software features automated and time-saving calibration and compensation, convenient and capable data analysis, and ensures that data management is easy and secure.
In combination with MACSQuant Calibration Beads, automated calibration ensures within minutes that instruments have consistently high performance. Automated compensation with single-stained cells or compensation beads can be used for fully automated compensation on up to eight colors via an 8×8 matrix, saving valuable time.
Analysis of flow cytometry data with the software is straightforward and easy to learn. Data are stored in digital format making offline compensation simple. Individualized data analysis templates (e.g., gating strategies) can be easily created and saved for future use. Data can be exported as FCS files for use by other programs. High-resolution charts can be easily printed or copied for immediate use in presentations or reports. Get extra assurance for easy and reliable data management. User specific accounts make it easy to manage users. Results and settings are automatically archived. Data sharing can be defined as required and data can be saved to hard drive, USB stick, or network drive.
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