ErbB-2 Tumor Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit, human

ErbB-2 Tumor Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit, human

The ErbB-2 Tumor Cell Enrichment and Detection Kit has been developed for the highly sensitive enrichment and detection of disseminated epithelial tumor cells from blood, bone marrow and lymphoid tissue.

Background information

ErbB-2, also known as HER2/neu, CD340 or p185, encodes the human epidermal growth factor receptor which is overexpressed in 25–30% of breast cancer patients as well as in various other tumors, e.g. ovarian, prostate, lung, colorectal, pancreatic, and gastric cancers.

Detailed procedure

First, cells are labeled with Anti-ErbB-2 MicroBeads and positively selected on a first separation column. Then ErbB-2
cells are fixed and applied to a second MACS® Column, and subjected to intracellular staining of cytokeratin filaments using two alkaline phosphatase-conjugated cytokeratin-specific antibody clones, CK3-11D5 and CK3-3E4. After elution from the column, cells are transferred onto a microscope slide, incubated with the substrate, and can be analyzed by light microscopy. During the entire staining procedure, the cells remain within the magnetic field of the column, thus minimizing cell loss.


For enrichment and in-column staining: MS Columns.
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