MACSQuant® Tyto® Cell Sorter – the gentle, closed system for cell sorting

Featuring patented microchip-based sorting technology, the MACSQuant Tyto fully encapsulates cell sorting in an easy-to-use sterile cartridge. Cell sorting with the MACSQuant Tyto is truly gentle, happening at low pressure, under mild shear forces, and without decompression or charge. The MACSQuant Typo is equipped with three lasers to facilitate multiparameter flow sorting and enables high-speed sorting without aerosol formation. The safe containment and simple walk-away operation are a new standard in the sorting of fragile cells – even in hazardous materials or a GMP environment – for basic and translational research and medical applications.

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Learn how microchip-based cell sorting works on the MACSQuant® Tyto®

See cell sorting in action on the MACSQuant Tyto. It’s simple. It’s gentle. It’s sterile. This video explains each step in the unique sorting mechanism of the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge.

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MACSQuantify™ Tyto® Software 1.0

Explore the features of the new MACSQuantify™ Tyto® Software 1.0: higher sorting rate with higher yield and purity.

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Sterile, closed, operator-free. Cell sorting for next-generation therapies

The MACSQuant Tyto is the cell sorter of choice for the first human iPSC clinical trial for Parkinson's disease.

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