CD282 (TLR2) antibodies – functional grade, human and mouse

CD282 (TLR2) antibodies – functional grade, human and mouse

Clone: REA109
Clone REA109 recognises human and mouse CD282, also known as toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2). TLRs are the host pattern recognition receptors involved in recognising pathogen associated and certain tissue damage indicating molecules. They are type 1 transmembrane proteins with extracellular leucine-rich repeats and intracellular toll/IL-1 receptor domains. TLR2 is a plasma membrane associated TLR and recognizes various structurally diverse molecules including peptidoglycans (PG), lipopeptides and lipoproteins moieties in Gram
and Gram
bacteria, lipoteichoic acid (LTA) in Gram
bacteria, lipoarabinomannan and lipomannan from Mycoplasma, and fungal polysaccharides such as zymogen. High-resolution crystal structures suggested that TLR2 by forming heterodimers with TLR6 and TLR1 can distinguish between di-acylated and tri-acylated lipopeptides. The expression of CD282 (TLR2) is found on monocytes, granulocytes, dendritic, endothelial, and epithelial cells.
Additional information: Clone REA109 displays negligible binding to Fc receptors.


This pure – functional grade antibody is suited for cell culture functional assays, for example, blocking of receptor-ligand binding.

Alternative names

TLR2, TIL4, Ly105

Technical specifications

  • Antigen: CD282 (TLR2)
  • Clone: REA109
  • Isotype: recombinant human IgG1
  • Alternative names of antigen: TLR2, TIL4, Ly105
  • Entrez Gene ID: 7097
  • Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]: 88
  • Endotoxin level: Endotoxin levels have been tested and do not exceed 0.01 ng/µg of protein.
  • Product format: Antibodies are supplied in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.2. The product contains no preservative and is sterile filtered. Always handle under aseptic conditions.
  • Storage: Store protected from light at 2–8 °C. Do not freeze.
  • Available conjugates: pure
  • Selected references

    1. Kang, J. Y. et al. (2009) Recognition of lipopeptide patterns by Toll-like receptor 2-Toll-like receptor 6 heterodimer. Immunity 31(6): 873-884
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