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We know flow. MACS Flow Cytometry provides best-in-class solutions for all your research needs, from foundational insights to GMP-compliant applications. Instruments, reagents, kits and software constitute a comprehensive portfolio to keep your finger on the pulse of advanced flow cytometry, cell sorting and cell analysis. That’s why distinguished research centers like the California Institute of Technology and the Pasteur Institute trust Miltenyi Biotec for their flow cytometry. Explore our complete solutions today and join the flow revolution!

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Discover what six experts have to say about recombinant antibodies in flow cytometry

Recombinant antibodies offer enhanced reproducibility over conventional hybridoma-derived antibodies. Experts discuss that and other advantages based on their experiences with flow cytometry.

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Deep insights into the phenotype and behavior of rare virus-reactive T cells

Sensitive assays provide essential information on the role of these cells during COVID-19 infection progression.

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