CD16 MicroBeads, human

CD16 MicroBeads, human

CD16 MicroBeads have been developed for the isolation of eosinophils by depletion of neutrophils from granulocyte-enriched cell fractions from peripheral blood. Alternatively, neutrophils can be isolated by positive selection. Peripheral blood and various tissues (e.g., bone marrow, nasal tissue) are suitable cell sources.

Background information

The CD16 antigen, which is a low-affinity Fc receptor for aggregated IgG, is expressed on neutrophils, NK cells, and macrophages. CD16 MicroBeads have also been used to deplete NK cells.

Downstream applications

Eosinophils isolated with CD16 MicroBeads are used for the functional analysis of surface molecules
or for studies on signal transduction
, chemotaxis
, cytokine expression
, degranulation
, and apoptosis


LD, CS, D, or autoMACS
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