MACS® MicroBeads for column-based magnetic cell isolation

  • Effective cell separation with maximal purity and recovery
  • Small bead size and minimal labeling for preserved cell functionality
  • No cell stress and highest cell viability

MACS® MicroBead Technology is the leading method for column-based magnetic cell isolation using nano-sized beads. Choose between various separation strategies for positive cell selection, sequential isolation, or cell depletion from any starting material, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), whole blood, bone marrow, Leukopak® (StemExpress, LCC), LRSCs or buffy coats.

MACS MicroBead technology vs. column-free technology

Compared to column-free cell separation technologies, cell separation using MACS MicroBeads only requires minimal labeling of target cells. The benefits are no non-specific labeling, no cell activation and thereby no alteration of cell characteristics.

No bead accumulation

Comparison of PBMCs cultured with either MACS MicroBeads or in a column-free system from another manufacturer.
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No bead accumulation due to minimal labeling

MACS MicroBeads allow for minimal labeling of target cells for efficient isolation. Using MACS MicroBeads, no bead accumulation in cell culture can be observed (A). In contrast, in a column-free system from another manufacturer, target cells are overloaded with high amounts of nano-sized beads that can lead to bead accumulation (B).

No cell activation

MACS MicroBeads do not activate target cells.
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MACS MicroBeads do not activate target cells

MACS MicroBeads do not activate or alter the status of target cells isolated by MACS Technology, as shown here for B cells. In contrast, column-free methods can lead to activation of target cells in the absence of stimulation reagents.

Truly untouched cells

Depletion with MACS Technology ensures isolation of truly untouched target cells.
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Depletion of unwanted cells for isolation of truly untouched  target cells

Depletion of unwanted cells with MACS MicroBead Technology is an elegant way to obtain pure untouched target cells. Minimal labeling of  unwanted cells with MACS MicroBeads avoids non-specific labeling of target cells, leaving target cells truly untouched. In contrast, column-free methods using nano-sized beads require high concentrations of labeling reagents thus risking non-specific labeling of the target cell fraction.


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MACS Cell Separation

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Webinar: The basics of magnetic cell separation with MACS® Technology

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