REAlease® CD19 MicroBead Kit, human

CD19 MicroBead Kit
, human

The REAlease
CD19 MicroBead Kit has been developed for positive selection of CD19
B cells from PBMCs. The kit contains an indirect magnetic labeling system for obtaining target cells free of MicroBeads and REAlease Biotin Complex.

Background information

As a B cell lineage marker, the CD19 antigen is expressed from the early pro-B cell stage to the B cell lymphoblast stage, but the expression is down-regulated upon B cell maturation to plasma cells. The CD19 antigen is further expressed on most malignant B cells and on a subset of follicular dendritic cells.

Downstream applications

  • Isolation of specific CD19+ cell subsets. The selected CD19+ cells can be used for positive selection or depletion of B cell populations that express distinct developmental markers, such as CD5 (e.g. B-1 cells), CD27 (e.g. memory B cells), or IgD (e.g. naive B cells). It can be further used for the isolation of activated B cells according to activation markers, e.g., CD25, CD30, CD38, or CD69.
  • Isolation of CD19+ cell subset which needs to be label-free.
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