Polyclonal stimulation reagents for cell expansion and activation

Polyclonal stimulation, the activation of cells regardless of their specificity, can be achieved in different ways with our products. 

Our MACSiBead™ Particles, as used in our Activation/Expansion Kits, are antibody-loaded particles that mimic antigen-presenting cells. This technology is suited for cell stimulation and expansion of various cell types, including T cells, Treg cells, or NK cells and can also be used in suppression assays. Specially developed for T cell stimulation, we offer T Cell TransAct™ Reagent and CytoStim™ Reagent: T Cell TransAct Reagent is a polymeric nanomatrix pre-loaded with CD3 and CD28 agonists, and CytoStim Reagent is an antibody-based reagent that acts similarly to a superantigen.

Convenient polyclonal T cell stimulation and expansion

Learn more about the principle and application of T Cell TransAct – a polymeric nanomatrix for highly consistent human T cell stimulation and expansion.

Working in clinical research?

Discover our MACS GMP Activation and Expansion Tools for ex vivo cell processing and manufacturing.

Further information on polyclonal stimulation reagents and related products

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