Human IL-10

Human IL-10

IL-10 stands for interleukin 10. Human IL-10 is a recombinant protein optimized for use in cell culture, differentiation studies, and functional assays.


Human IL-10 may be used for a variety of applications, including:
  • In vitro inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production by Tʜ1 cells, macrophages, and monocytes.
  • In vitro induction of proliferation, differentiation, and antibody production by B cells, in synergy with IL-4.
  • Dendritic cell-mediated in vitro activation of type 1 regulatory T cells (Tr1).
  • In vitro co-stimulation of mast cells proliferation in the presence of IL-3 and IL-4.

Background information

Interleukin 10 (IL-10) is a α-helical homodimeric cytokine with immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the secretion of Tʜ1 cytokines such as IL-1, IFN-γ, and TNFα, and the surface expression of molecules for antigen presentation. On the other hand, IL-10 promotes the humoral response, through stimulation of the Tʜ2 response, B cell maturation, and antibody secretion. After secretion, IL-10 binds the receptor IL-10 Rα/IL-10 R1 on target cells. IL-10 is mainly secreted by monocytes, Tʜ2 lymphocytes, regulatory T cells, some B cell subsets, dendritic cells, macrophages, natural killer cells, eosinophils, neutrophils, and mastocytes, but also keratinocytes and hepatic stellate cells.
IL-10 plays a central role in the control mechanisms that limit inflammatory responses and ultimately prevent immunopathology. Mutations of IL-10 gene can be also associated to susceptibility to infections, autoimmune diseases, and allergy.
Human IL-10 protein shares 73% homology with mouse IL-10 protein, and it can activate mouse cells, however mouse IL-10 fails to activate human cells.

Quality description

cytokines are suitable for a wide variety of cell culture applications. They are sterile-filtered prior to lyophilization. Generally, endotoxin levels are <0.1 ng/μg (<1 EU/μg), and purities are >95%. The biological activity is tested in appropriate bioassays.

Biological activity

  • Co-stimulation of MC-9 cells with human IL-4
  • research grade: ≥ 5×
  • Selected references

    1. Islam, S. A. et al. (2013) Identification of human CCR8 as a CCL18 receptor. J. Exp. Med. 210(10): 1889-1898
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