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You need a clear picture of what’s going on. That means labeling the right markers, exclusively, time after time. Our MACS® Fluorochrome-conjugated Antibodies, validated for MICS (MACSima™ Imaging Cyclic Staining) technology, give you that level of specificity as they are pre-validated for use with our ultra high content MACSima Imaging Platform. 

Choose from the largest high content imaging antibody portfolio in the world to target more than 500 biomarkers of interest on either FFPE-, PFA-, or acetone-fixed tissues or cells of either human or mouse origin. Our reproducible and recombinant antibody technologies are optimized to seamlessly support our automated MICS protocol, whilst our constantly expanding portfolio means your ultra high content imaging experiments will stake out new frontiers in the understanding of biological systems.

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Explore the possibilities

Try for yourself with our Art Tool: Select your tissue type of interest and up to six markers to create your own image with data taken from real-life samples.

The MICS technology principle

Further information on MACS Imaging and Microscopy

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Collection of scientific content

Find a collection of scientific reports, application notes, and posters presented at congresses showing data aquired with the MACSima Imaging Platform using MICS technology.

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Scientific report

MACSima Imaging Platform provides new insights into cancer biology and target discovery

Discover how MICS technology makes short work of tumor subclassification in immunotherapy by analyzing cancer cell diversity and immune context based on protein expression.

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