MACS Rewards Program

Get rewarded for purchases you make every day

Want to get rewarded for the Miltenyi Biotec reagents you already use? Order your MACS Rewards poster today and start earning great rewards like product vouchers and prizes.

How does it work

Look for the stickers on most Miltenyi MACS® research reagent product boxes. Collect your medals on a MACS® Rewards poster.  The more you collect, the more you can spend!

How many medals do I need to win?

Every medal you collect is worth  points towards a product voucher or to spend in the Miltenyi Rewards Store. Just complete a MACS Rewards poster and you can spend your points in the Miltenyi Customer Store on a variety of exciting prizes and rewards for you and your lab. 

How do I redeem my points?

Take a photo of your MACS Rewards poster with your collected stickers. Email a photo and  your contact information to and you’ll receive a points total to spend in the store.  Don’t want to spend your points right away?   You can bank them and use them toward more high-value items. 

Order your poster today

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