MACS® Cell Separation – Select the best

Column-based MACS® Technology: 
a smooth ride for your cells 

  • Cited in over 20,000 publications
  • Fast, easy, and gentle to cells
  • Cell isolation straight from whole blood and buffy coat

MACS MicroBead Technology ensures minimal labeling of target cells, maximum purity and recovery of viable cells,
and the preservation of cell integrity and characteristics.

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Cap'n T Cell explains what makes MACS Technology so unique

From manual cell isolation experiments to fully automated high-throughput projects

Enjoy the benefits of versatile cell separation options:

  • Ease-of-use with manual MACS Separators for simple experimental setups in any lab
  • Convenient cell isolation from large sample numbers or volumes with the semi-automated MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus
  • Automated labeling and separation for true walk-away cell isolation with the autoMACS® Pro Separator
  • Full automation, high-throughput processing and sample tracking with the MultiMACS™ X
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Just three easy steps! 
With MACS MicroBead Technology it takes only three simple steps to get pure cell populations.

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