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User Meeting 2020

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This scientific gathering, held live on June 23, brought together researchers to exchange information, experiences, and recent findings in the field of light sheet microscopy. The scientific talks focus on innovative tissue clearing techniques and imaging by light sheet microscopy which enable whole organ quantitative biology. 

Learning objectives

Watch the video recordings to learn how the UltraMicroscope 

  • reveals cancer metastasis and therapeutic antibody targeting at single-cell level in entire mouse bodies.
  • enables whole brain imaging and characterization of plasticity in brain networks.
  • provides a platform to investigate organ functions at different disease stages.

Speakers & abstracts

Molecular and cellular mapping of human organs and beyond

Ali Ertürk
Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Munich, Germany

Recent developments in unbiased imaging via tissue clearing and unbiased data analysis via deep learning are major milestones to elucidate biological processes and develop much powerful treatments. Towards this goal, we developed DeepMACT, a pipeline to analyze biological tissue and drug targeting at single-cell level in whole mouse bodies (PMID: 31835038). Furthermore, we also used a similar approach for intact human organs paving the way to may them at single-cell level (PMID: 32059778). During this event, I will present what lies beyond these technological developments.

Mapping the transparent brain using iDISCO+ and ClearMap

Nicolas Renier
ICM - Brain and Spine Institute, Paris, France

Changes in the organization of the neuronal or vascular networks in the adult brain are difficult to study because of the complexity of their 3D topology. We developed two tools to facilitate the study of adult brain: iDISCO+, for whole-mount immunolabeling and high-performance optical clearing of any organ, and ClearMap for the unsupervised mapping of neuronal activity, neuronal projections, and the vascular network. I will present how we are using these tools to characterize the plasticity of adult brain networks.

Whole organ quantitative biology with light sheet microscopy uncovers healthy and pathologic physiology with unprecedented detail

Matthias Gunzer
Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging, University Hospital, University Duisburg–Essen, Essen, Germany

Light sheet microscopy has revolutionized the way we can look at entire organs. In my talk I will demonstrate on a number of examples, how the technology can be used to investigate normal organ function and its changes upon disease states. This is applicable to experimental systems but also to the study of human disease.

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