MACSima™ Imaging Platform

Unlock the next level in immuno-oncology research

Immuno-oncology (IO) as a research field has grown tremendously in recent years as researchers the world over try to understand and manipulate the immune response within the tumor microenvironment in the continuing fight against cancer.

The deep phenotyping of tumor cells in the tumor microenvironment can help define new targets to be used in promising IO therapies. Current tools demand a tradeoff between spatial information and the number of markers that can be analyzed. With the MACSima Imaging Platform, no such sacrifice is necessary: hundreds of markers on a single sample can be stained in an automated manner, while preserving tissue integrity and capturing the spatial context, opening new possibilities for advances in IO research.

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Powerful and automated: Ultra high content imaging with the MACSima™ Imaging Platform

Learn how the MACSima Imaging System can stain hundreds of markers on a single sample, and stain multiple samples at a time, all in an entirely automated fashion. See more than ever before: Unlock new insights and advance your research further, faster!

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Application note

Characterization of TILs in colon carcinoma

TILs are regarded as key players in tumor biology, so understanding what differentiates an infiltrating from a non-infiltrating cell is crucial in the development of new therapies. The MACSima Imaging Platform enables the analysis of a high number of markers on intact tissue sections, bringing together the deep phenotyping information with its spatial context.
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Try for yourself with our Art Tool: select up to six markers to build your own image with data taken from a real-life Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) sample.

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