Localization of CAR T cells in solid tumors

One of the most promising attempts to fight solid tumors is the CAR T cell therapy. For a successful therapy, CAR T cells have to deeply penetrate the tumor. Light sheet microscopy allows 3D visualization and quantification of CAR T cell penetration at a cellular level.

This image shows a xenograft of a human pancreatic carcinoma cell line with infiltrating chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells. The 3D data of the tumor was generated by the UltraMicroscope II light sheet microscope. CAR T cells were labeled using the REA844 clone conjugated with Vio® 667 (violet), detecting human CD271 (LNGFR). Vasculature was stained by rhodamine-lectin (orange). The remaining GFP expression of carcinoma cells is shown in green.

Scientific poster: In vivo labeling for ex vivo 3D tracking of CAR T cells

Download our scientific poster, presented at the MoBi Meeting 2019. It shows the visualization of pancreatic xenografts treated with CAR T cells using the UltraMicroscope II.

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