Enrichment and culture of myeloid cells for immunogenicity assays and study of inflammation

Enrichment and culture of myeloid cells for immunogenicity assays and study of inflammation

The development of a vaccine for control of SARS-CoV-2 infection is currently of highest priority for the healthcare system worldwide. Dendritic cells can be a valuable component of in vitro model to assess the immunogenicity of antigen candidates in the early stages of vaccine development.

Simultaneously, however, there is an urgent need to treat critical COVID-19 cases, and this requires immediate and intimate understanding of the inflammatory conditions in the lung mediated by macrophages and granulocytes. 

In both research areas, therefore,  the rapid and standardized enrichment and culture of myeloid cells is an important factor in how well and how quickly researchers and, ultimately, clinicians, can respond to the crisis. 

Dendritic cell-based assays for vaccine screening

Collaboration between academic institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs is accelerating the vaccine development process today as never before.

At the base of the pre-clinical phase of vaccine development is the need for standardized antigen-presentation assays that can be used to evaluate safety and immunogenicity of candidate antigens. Such immuno-assays are often based on co-culture of monocyte-derived dendritic cells (Mo-DCs) and T cells, for which Miltenyi Biotec can offer the following supporting tools and protocols:

Study of inflammatory myeloid cells to understand COVID-19 pathology


During highly inflammatory states, such as in COVID-19-related pneumonia, myeloid cells release excessive amounts of chemokines, which result in cytokine storm syndrome (CSS). Recent RNA-sequencing data suggest that alveolar macrophages become hyperactive in the severely injured lungs of patients with SARS-Co-V2, leading to CSS, respiratory distress syndrome, and multi-organ dysfunction.  

Moreover, some researchers have already reported that inhibition of viral endocytosis by resident macrophages might help in reducing inflammation during  SARS-CoV-2 infection.  For this reason, studying myeloid cell dysregulation in COVID-19 patients is currently of great interest.  

Miltenyi Biotec can support such endeavors with: 


Further products and protocols for your myeloid cell research