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Having trouble expanding NK cells?
Don´t worry.

The NK MACS® Medium has been developed for optimized cultivation, expansion, and activation of human natural killer (NK) cells from various starting material, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). It´s defined formulation is free of animal derived components and suited for translational research. The fully functional NK cells retain their natural cytotoxicity and can be used for any downstream application.

See for yourself below how NK MACS® Medium favors the growth of fully functional NK cells while reducing the growth of unwanted cells like B-, T-, and DC cells:

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Superior expansion of NK cells. NK cells can be expanded using PBMCs as starting material, or NK cells isolated from whole blood, buffy coats, or PBMCs. Using NK MACS Medium results in 3 times greater fold expansion of NK cells compared to other media or TexMACS™ Medium for T cells. Illustrated are NK cell fold expansion from (A) PBMCs (n=3) or (B) isolated NK cells (n=3) using 5% AB serum and 500 UI/mL of IL-2.

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Limited expansion of non-NK cells. When PBMCs are used as starting material, NK MACS Medium favors expansion of NK cells compared to other media or TexMACS Medium for T cells. The defined formulation limits growth of unwanted T (CD3+), NKT (CD3+CD56+), and other cells (e.g., CD3–CD56–). Illustrated is the cell composition of PBMC cultures after 14 days of expansion in different culture media.

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Retained cytotoxicity of expanded NK cells. NK cells were expanded for 9 days in NK MACS Medium starting from (A) PBMCs and (B) isolated NK cells and their cytotoxicity against K-562 cells was measured by flow cytometry at different effector-to-target (E:T) ratios.