Step-by-step protocols from isolation to expansion and analysis of Treg cells

  • Research- and clinical-scale magnetic cell isolation or flow sorting
  • Expansion with research- or MACS® GMP-grade reagents
  • Suppression assays and flow cytometric analyses

Application data by workflow step

Enrichment of Treg cells

We offer a broad range of products for the isolation of Treg cells. Whether you want to isolate Treg cells directly from whole blood or are interested clinical-scale CD25+ Treg cell enrichment, we provide flexible solutions for a variety of applications.

Comparison of MACSXpress Technology to another commercially available kit using magnetic cell separation to isolate Treg cells from whole blood
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Fast human Treg cell isolation from whole blood

From blood collection to isolated Treg cells in only 30 min: The MACSxpress® Treg Isolation Kit, human enables fast, easy, and convenient isolation of CD4+CD25+ Treg cells from whole blood without density gradient centrifugation.

Clinical-scale CD25+ cell separation from leukapheresis products using the enrichment protocol for cells expressing high levels of CD25
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Clinical-scale isolation or depletion of CD25+ Treg cells

Treg cells for clinical applications can be either enriched or depleted using the CliniMACS Cell Separation System in combination with the CliniMACS CD25 Reagent.

Cells expressing high levels of CD25 can be enriched with or without prior depletion of CD8+ or CD19+ cells.

Staining of Treg cells with MACS GMP Fluorescent Antibodies
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Clinical-scale flow sorting using MACS® GMP Antibodies

MACS GMP Fluorescent Antibodies have been developed for flow cytometric detection and subsequent flow sorting of highly pure Treg cell populations in clinical settings.

MACS GMP CD25-PE-Biotin and CliniMACS Anti-Biotin Reagent can be used for magnetic pre-enrichment of Treg cells from large volumes, followed by flow cytometric sorting for a defined and pure final product.

Human and mouse Treg cell expansion

Expansion of Treg cells using the Treg Expansion Kit, human
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Optimal expansion of your isolated Treg cells
The Treg Expansion Kit, human and Treg Expansion Kit, mouse provide optimized stimulation conditions to expand Treg cells with maintained Treg phenotype and FoxP3 expression in vitro.

MACS GMP ExpAct Treg Kit

The MACS GMP ExpAct Treg Kit has been designed to efficiently expand Treg cells after a CliniMACS CD25 enrichment procedure, while maintaining FoxP3 expression. It can be used in combination with MACS GMP Rapamycin, which inhibits the expansion of conventional T cells and thereby enhances the proportion of expanded Treg cells in culture.

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Scientific report
Clinical-grade separation and expansion of regulatory T cells for clinical studies on cell therapy in solid organ transplantation

Henrieta Fazekasova, Sarah Thirkell, Katie Lowe, Andrew Bushell, and Giovanna Lombardi, Immunoregulation laboratory, MRC Centre for Transplantation, King’s College London, Guy’s Hospital, London, UK

Functional characterization of Treg cells

Treg suppression assay using the Treg Suppression Inspector, human
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In vitro suppression assay
The Treg Suppression Inspector, human is an optimized T cell stimulation reagent that can be used for Treg suppression assays. This cell culture tool provides convenient handling and standardized stimulation conditions for reproducible suppression assays.

Flow cytometric Treg cell detection

The Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/FoxP3-APC or FoxP3-PE) human and mouse includes all reagents necessary for cell surface staining of CD4 and CD25, and intracellular staining of FoxP3 with a special FoxP3 Staining Buffer Set. The kit also includes FcR Blocking Reagent and an optimized protocol.

Only interested in surface staining of your human Treg cells? The Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/CD127) is available in 2 different color combinations. This kit is a ready-to-use cocktail, which conveniently reduces pipetting steps.

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Scientific poster
Vio® Dyes meet REAfinity™ Antibodies – antibody-fluorochrome conjugates for high-resolution multiparameter flow cytometry analysis

Cesar Evaristo, Marco Vahldieck, Susanne Krauthaeuser, Nicole Jansen, Niklas Wilske, Anne Richter, and Christian Dose, Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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