Isolation and analysis of mouse macrophages and myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs)

  • Dissociation of mouse lymphoid tissue
  • Isolation and analysis of macrophages and MDSCs
  • Differentiation of monocyte-derived macrophages

Dissociation of mouse spleen tissue

Mouse macrophages are extensively studied in tissues and tumor. For reliable isolation of mouse macrophages, gentle dissociation of lymphoid tissue is key. Mouse spleen can be dissociated into single-cell suspensions using our Spleen Dissociation Kit, mouse in combination with the gentleMACS™ Dissociator with Heaters. Mechanical dissociation with enzymatic degradation of the extracellular matrix maintains the structural integrity of tissues.

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Dissociation of mouse spleen tissue with the gentleMACS™ Dissociator

Watch how simple it is to dissociate mouse spleen tissue with the gentleMACS Dissociator.

Isolation and analysis of mouse macrophages

We have developed a fast and efficient way to isolate mouse macrophages based on their specific F4/80 markers by using Anti-F4/80 MicroBeads UltraPure, mouse.

Before separation
After separation

Isolation of F4/80+ macrophages.  F4/80+ cells were isolated from spleen single-cell suspension using Anti-F4/80 MicroBeads UltraPure, two MS Columns, and an OctoMACS™ Separator. The cells were fluorescently stained with CD45-VioBlue®, CD11b-APC, and Anti-F4/80-FITC and analyzed by flow cytometry using the MACSQuant® Analyzer. Cell debris and dead cells were excluded from the analysis based on scatter signals and 7-AAD fluorescence.

Isolation and analysis of mouse myeloid cells and MDSCs

We offer various reagents and kits for the isolation of mouse myeloid cells from tissues and tumors. Download the poster and find a comprehensive overview of all myeloid cell markers and products for convenient isolation and analysis.

Working with MDSCs? The Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cell Isolation Kit, mouse has been developed for the isolation of CD11b+Gr-1+ myeloid cells from mouse lymphoid tissue. 

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Mouse myeloid cells from spleen and lymph nodes

Find out more about products for mouse myeloid cell research in tissues and tumors in this poster.

Differentiation of monocyte-derived macrophages

Macrophages can be generated in vitro from human monocytes using Human M-CSF, premium grade  or Human GM-CSF, premium grade . 

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