Detection and enrichment of circulating tumor cells

  • Enrichment of tumor cells from whole blood, buffy coat, or PBMCs
  • Effective depletion of non-tumor cells
  • Combined enrichment and staining of EpCAM+, ErbB-2+, or MCSP+ tumor cells

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and disseminated tumors cells (DTCs) are difficult to detect and enrich. Therefore, sensitive methods for sucessful downstream experiments are of great interest. Miltenyi Biotec has created an innovative line of products for CTC/DTC enrichment and detection from whole blood, buffy coat, or PBMCs.

CTC enrichment for better analysis

Xenografted human CTCs from peripheral mouse blood before and after mouse cell depletion
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Xenografted CTC enrichment from mouse blood

When working with patient-derived xenografts for CTC or DTC studies, human tumor cells within blood or bone marrow can be enriched without knowledge of the tumor specific marker(s) by depleting mouse cells. This enables more detailed characterization of the tumor cells by e.g. flow cytometric or morphogical analysis.

Enriched human CD326+ tumor cells from whole blood (Data courtesy of Klaus Pantel Lab - UKE Hamburg)
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CTC enrichment using CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads

Using the StraightFrom Whole Blood CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads, DTCs can be enriched within 20 minutes from whole blood samples and then analyzed by immunofluorescence microscopy and Cytokeratin+ staining.

Detection of CTCs by flow cytometry

Analysis of rare cells can be greatly improved by magnetic pre-enrichment. The MACSQuant Analyzer 10facilitates both automated enrichment and flow cytometric analysis. This allows the rapid and reproducible identification, quantification, and characterization of CTCs.

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Scientific report
High-sensitivity detection and analysis of rare cells by integrated magnetic enrichment and flow cytometry using the MACSQuant Analyzer

Dorothee Köhler, Petra Bacher, Alexander Scheffold, Mario Assenmacher, and Manuela Herber

Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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