Application protocol

Multicolor flow cytometric analysis of regulatory T cells from mouse spleen


This application protocol describes the flow cytometric analysis of regulatory T cells (Tregs) after spleen dissociation from healthy C57BL/6 mice. Viable single cells from mouse spleens are easily obtained by tissue dissociation using our gentleMACS™ Technology. For downstream flow cytometric analysis of Tregs, we have designed a validated multicolor flow cytometry panel, using our REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies and Viobility™ Fixable Dyes. In addition, we provide an optimized gating strategy for the analysis of Tregs from mouse spleen. This enables the efficient phenotyping of Tregs within the population of CD4+ T cells.


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This protocol includes detailed instructions for preparing necessary reagents and materials and then carrying out each step.


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