What is the difference between the T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit and T Cell TransAct?

With the research-grade T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit you enjoy full flexibility of loading the MACSiBead matrix with any kind of activation antibodies. The T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit has to be used according to a bead to cell ratio, and includes CD2, CD3, and CD28 antibodies already, but can be used with any other biotinylated antibody as well. In contrast, T Cell TransAct is a ready-to-use reagent and comes pre-loaded with CD3 and CD28 agonists. For simplicity and ease-of-use, its dosage is based on volume and not on bead to cell ratio. Finally, T Cell TransAct is available in both research- and MACS GMP Grades, making a seamless transfer of your T cell process into a clinical setting possible.