What are MACS REAlease MicroBead Kits?

REAlease MicroBead Kits have been developed for positive selection of target cells from PBMCs. REAlease MicroBead Technology relies on recombinantly engineered antibody fragments instead of antibodies to label specific cell surface markers. The antibody fragments have a low affinity for cell surface epitopes. However, when the fragments are multimerized as a complex, they bind epitopes on target cells with high avidity and enable effective magnetic cell separation. REAlease Technology controls the multimer / monomer state of the fragments and thus triggers the release of monomerized antibody fragments from the cell surface after isolation. Ultimately, the isolated, positively selected target cells are free from antibody fragments and magnetic labels and are thus available for further separation steps. Of course, the negative, i.e. non-labeled, cell fraction from this separation step is also available for further separation by positive selection.

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