Is it possible to remove sodium azide from a suspension of MACS MicroBeads?

Yes, you can remove the sodium azide from a MACS MicroBead suspension. However, be aware that after the removal, we cannot guarantee the expiration date labeled on the product.

Use the following protocol to remove sodium azide from a MACS MicroBead suspension:

  • Apply 2 mL of MACS MicroBead suspension onto a freshly prepared MS Column, which is placed in the magnetic field of an appropriate MACS Separator. Discard the effluent.
  • Rinse 3 times with 500 µl of an appropriate buffer.
  • Remove the MS Column from the MACS Separator and place it onto a suitable collection tube.
  • Pipette 2 mL of PBS buffer containing 2 mM of EDTA on top of the column. Firmly push down the plunger, and collect the sodium azide-free MACS MicroBead suspension as the effluent