How do I choose the right MACSelect™ System (CD4, LNGFR or Kk)?

Three different MACSelect Systems are available: MACSSelect CD4, MACSSelect LNGFR, and MACSSelect Kk.

The MACSelect LNGFR System uses a rarely expressed marker and should be used in cells that might naturally express CD4 or H-2Kk. This system provides a plasmid with an IRES element for cloning your gene-of-interest and achieving high expression in the enriched cells.

MACSelect Kk can be used in cells and cell lines that are CD4+, and MACSelect 4 can be used in cells and cell lines that are H-2Kk+.

When using adherent cells that must be harvested with trypsin, we recommend the MACSelect Kk System because the H-2Kk molecule is trypsin resistant, whereas the CD4 molecule is not.

The two promoters SV40 and H-2Kk also offer the advantage of different expression kinetics of the CD4 or H-2Kk molecule. Generally, CD4 expression occurs earlier than H-2Kk expression