How can I prevent cross-contamination when working with the autoMACS Pro Separator?

The autoMACS Pro Separator offers three rinsing programs with increasing stringency.

Qrinse is a 2-minute program that rinses the unit using autoMACS Running Buffer. It serves as a regular washing program, especially if you are processing a series of similar samples or separating cells that occur at high frequencies. A few cells will possibly remain in the system after this program.

The Rinse program is recommended especially before separating rare cells, such as CD34+ cells. Refer to the article below, in which the authors work with extremely rare, disseminated tumor cells and did not observe cross-contamination between samples after running the Rinse or Clean programs.

Meye, A. et. al. (2002) Int. J. Oncol. 21(3): 521–530.

During the Clean program, the system is rinsed with 70% ethanol, autoMACS Rinsing Solution, and autoMACS Running Buffer.