Do the stabilizers trehalose and mannitol added to MACS GMP Cytokines affect my assay?

No, there are no hints that this may be the case. Trehalose and mannitol are widely used sugars of pharmaceutical compositions, such as monoclonal antibody formulations that are applied directly into patients. Trehalose has been accepted as a food ingredient under the GRAS terms in the US and the EU and is used in a variety of processed foods. It is a disaccharide (consisting of two glucose units) that cannot enter mammalian cells because the lack of a trehalose transporter. Mannitol, which is also used as sweetener in foods, also cannot be imported by mammalian cells due to a missing mannitol transporter. Our formulation does not change the osmotic pressure of the cell culture medium when applied in typical concentrations; trehalose and mannitol are used in final concentrations of about 0.0001 – 0.001%. We have extensively tested several of our cytokines containing trehalose and mannitol in different cellular applications.