Can I autoclave the autoMACS Running Buffer?

The autoMACS Running Buffer contains BSA, which will degrade if the solution is heated above 42 °C. For this reason it should not be autoclaved. 

For preparing a sterile MACS Separation Buffer, we recommend diluting the MACS BSA Stock Solution 1:20 with autoMACS Rinsing Solution. Use unopened bottles and prepare the solution under sterile conditions (e.g., under a laminar flow hood).

Alternatively, you can prepare the buffer from scratch using autoclaved PBS (can be autoclaved with EDTA) and BSA from a sterile-filtered stock solution, or by passing a fully prepared solution through a sterile bottle-top filter. Keep in mind that concentrated BSA stock solutions tend to clog sterile filters, so the BSA should be well-diluted prior to filtering.