Can I use MACS technology for isolating CD34 subpopulations?

For the isolation of CD34+ CD38- cells you can use the CD34+ CD38- Cell Isolation Kit, human.

If the aim is to isolate a double-positive subpopulation (e.g., CD34+ CD38+), the CD34 MultiSort Kit, human should be used. After enzymatic release of the MultiSort MicroBeads from the cells, the cells are labeled and separated again based on an additional surface marker such as HLA-DR, CD38, CD71, CD95, or CD117. For this step, either direct MicroBeads (e.g., CD38 MicroBead Kit, human or CD71 MicroBeads, human) or a primary biotinylated or fluorochrome-conjugated antibody together with our indirect MicroBeads (e.g., Anti-Biotin MicroBeads or Anti-PE MicroBeads) can be used.

For isolating CD34+ HLA-DR stem cells a special protocol is available as PDF.