LIFE 18™ apheresis unit

LIFE 18™ apheresis unit

The LIFE 18™ apheresis unit performs plasma separation and – in case of an adsorber treatment – the automatic loading, regeneration, and conservation of the adsorbers. The user is guided through the setup and treatment via the touch screen user interface for maximal ease of handling. The continuous surveillance of treatment parameters by combined light and pressure sensors in each segment of the tubing cassette ensures a high standard of safety for the patient.
During the treatment the patient’s blood is drawn from a venous access, anticoagulated, and separated into plasma and cellular components. In case of an adsorber treatment the plasma is perfused through the adsorber and the target proteins bind to the matrix within the adsorber. The purified plasma is re-united with the cellular components and returned to the patient. After the perfusion of a pre-defined volume through the first adsorber, the plasma is directed to the second adsorber and the first adsorber is regenerated. These perfusion cycles are repeated until the target volume of processed plasma is reached.
In case of TPE the separated plasma is discarded and automatically substituted with substitution solutions.

Technical data

Technical specifications of the LIFE 18 apheresis unit

Technical data

Technical specifications of the LIFE 18 apheresis unit
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LIFE 18 apheresis unit

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