MACSfectin™ Reagent

MACSfectin™ Reagent

MACSfectin™ Reagent enables optimized transfection of plasmid DNA for a wide range of adherent and suspension cells in immunology, cancer, stem cell, and neuroscience research. Additionally, MACSfectin Reagent supports tranfection with RNA such as mRNA or siRNA. This unique transfection reagent is based on a novel class of cationic lipopolyamines designed to optimize nucleic acid condensation and augment the cytoplasmic release of the nucleic acid cargo. Additionally, good transgene expression with high cell viability is achieved due to MACSfectin Reagent’s excellent biodegradation characteristics.


MACSfectin Reagent can be applied for mammalian cell transfection using plasmid DNA, mRNA, and siRNA. Possible downstream applications after transfection with MACSfectin Reagent are protein expression and purification, protein interaction studies, reporter gene assays, fluorescent imaging, gene knock-down, and generation of stable cell lines.
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