MACSductin™ Reagent

MACSductin™ Reagent

MACSductin™ Reagent consists of polycationic, magnetic beads that help to efficiently transduce primary cells and cell lines using adeno- or retro-/lentiviral vectors. It enables transduction of target cells with low-titer virus preparations. The efficiency is superior compared to standard transduction methods.

Background information

During infection of target cells with native or recombinant viruses in cell culture, the major factor limiting infection is the diffusion of the virus particle to the cell surface. MACSductin™ Reagent in combination with MACS® Technology enables close colocalization of virus and target cells within MACS Columns to ensure optimal transduction efficiencies. The polycationic, magnetic MACSductin Reagent binds to the adeno- or retro-/lentivirus. The target cells are specifically labeled with antibody-conjugated, superparamagnetic MACS MicroBeads. As both target cells and virus are retained by the magnetic field on the column in close proximity to each other, the virus can quickly attach to the cell surface resulting in a high infection or transduction efficiency.

Detailed procedure

Virus aliquots are incubated with MACSductin™ Reagent. Magnetically labeled target cells are then added to the virus-MACSductin Reagent complex and the mixture is loaded onto an MS or LS Column placed in a magnetic field. The column is then washed to remove potential contaminants i.e. from unpurified virus-containing cell culture supernatant and removed from the magnetic field. Finally, the virus-cell complexes are eluted in fresh cell culture medium and cultured before proceeding to downstream applications. The basic principle is illustrated in figure 1.

Downstream applications

Cells transduced with MACSductin Reagent can be cultured under standard cell culture conditions. They can be further analyzed and characterized using standard molecular biology applications. Genetically modified cells can also be introduced into rodent animal models.


MS or LS Columns.
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