Neural Tissue Dissociation Kits

Neural Tissue Dissociation Kits

The Neural Tissue Dissociation Kits have been developed for the gentle and efficient generation of single-cell suspensions from neural tissues.
Depending on the application the kits can be used with manual mechanical dissociation or with automated dissociation using the gentleMACS™ Dissociators.
The Neural Tissue Dissociation Kit - Postnatal Neurons has been optimized for the special needs of sensitive postnatal neurons during dissociation.

Background information

In less than an hour, the gentle two-step enzymatic dissociation procedure efficiently yields high numbers of viable cells. The Neural Tissue Dissociation Kit (P) contains papain, and the Neural Tissue Dissociation Kit (T) contains trypsin.
Some antigen epitopes are damaged by papain, others by trypsin. The kit based on papain is best suited for use with Anti-Prominin-1 MicroBeads, CD11b (Microglia) MicroBeads and Anti-A2B5 MicroBeads, whereas, for example, Anti-GLAST (ACSA-1) MicroBead Kit and Anti-PSA-NCAM MicroBeads require the use of the trypsin-based kit.
Please see figure 1 for further information with regard to epitope sensitivity and kit selection.

How-to isolate pure viable microglia

Watch this hands-on protocol showing you how to isolate microglial cells from adult mouse brain. The Miltenyi Biotec protocol is faster, standardized, reproducible, and easy to scale up.

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