FFPE Tissue Dissociation Kit

FFPE Tissue Dissociation Kit

The FFPE Tissue Dissociation Kit has been optimized for the gentle, rapid, and effective generation of single-cell suspensions from human formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) carcinoma sections. Thus, a high yield of single‑cells can be obtained, while preserving the important cell epitopes cytokeratin for cell analysis of carcinoma cells and vimentin for non-carcinoma cells.
Dissociated cells can be subsequently separated by flow sorting or analyzed by flow cytometry in vitro for phenotype distributions, and other genetic or proteomic studies.

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Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections from various tissues and species, for example, human tumor, skin, or lymph node samples, can be dissociated into single-cell suspensions by combining mechanical dissociation with enzymatic degradation of the extracellular matrix, which maintains the structural integrity of tissues. The FFPE tissue sections are deparaffinized. After a defixation step, samples are dissociated using the kit components and the gentleMACS™ Dissociator with Heaters. After dissociation, the sample is applied to a filter to remove any remaining larger particles from the single-cell suspension.

Easy dissociation of solid tumor samples with the gentleMACS Dissociator

The gentleMACS Dissociator together with the complete Miltenyi Biotec portfolio for sample preparation delivers one of many solutions to discover, advance, and translate your cancer research.

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FFPE Tissue Dissociation Kit

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