Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/FoxP3), mouse

Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/FoxP3), mouse

The Treg Detection Kits (CD4/CD25/FoxP3), mouse, have been developed for the convenient detection of CD4
regulatory T (Treg) cells. The kits include all required reagents for the analysis of mouse Treg cells by flow cytometry.

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Treg cells are a subset of T cells with the ability to suppress harmful immunological reactions to self and foreign antigens. Due to the lack of a specific marker for Treg cells, a combination of CD4, CD25, and FoxP3 is commonly used for their identification. The Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/FoxP3) includes all reagents necessary for cell surface staining of CD4 and CD25, and intracellular staining of FoxP3 with a special FoxP3 Staining Buffer Set. The kit also includes an optimized protocol.
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