MSC Enumeration Kit, human

MSC Enumeration Kit, human

The MSC Enumeration Kit was developed for the standardized identification and quantification of human MSCs from fresh bone marrow aspirate by flow cytometry.
  • The MSC Enumeration Kit includes reagents for:
  • Enumeration of MSCs based on the expression of CD271 and MSCA-1
  • Exclusion based on CD45, and CD235a
  • Dead cell exclusion based on 7-AAD

Background information

The large scale isolation and expansion of MSCs from human bone marrow is time consuming, cost effective, and highly dependent on the quality of the starting material. Therefore it is desirable to qualify the bone marrow source with regard to MSC content. The common way to quantify MSCs within human blood sources is the colony forming unitfibroblast (CFU-F) assay, which is time consuming, dependend on serum lots, and plating densities, as well as considerable subjective in defining and scoring colonies. It was shown that Anti-MSCA-1 (W8B2) only detects CD271 (LNGFR)
cells and only these cells give rise to CFU-F. A close linear relationship was observed between the number of CFU-F colonies counted manually after 14 days of culture and the number of CD271 (LNGFR)
cells per milliliter of aspirate.
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