Propidium Iodide Solution

Propidium Iodide Solution

The Propidium Iodide Solution is suitable for the exclusion of dead cells from flow cytometric analysis. Propidium iodide (PI) is widely used for staining and evaluation of cell death and apoptosis or for determination of DNA content in cell cycle analysis.

Background information

Propidium iodide (PI) is a fluorescent dye that intercalates into double-stranded nucleic acid. It is excluded from viable cells, but can penetrate cell membranes of dead or dying cells.
The fluorescence emission maximum for DNA-bound PI is about 615–620 nm. When excited by a 488 nm laser, PI can therefore be detected in the B2 channel commonly used for PE or in the B3 channel commonly used for PerCP-Vio
700, PE-Cy™5, etc.
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