Recombinant antibodies for mass cytometry


  • Large portfolio of recombinant clones for consistent conjugation performance and reproducible results
  • Provided in a stabilizer-free aqueous buffer suitable for conjugation
  • Conjugation-optimized concentration of 1 µg/µL

Mass cytometry has just become recombinant

Mass cytometry is a method that combines flow cytometry with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The fusion of these two technologies facilitates the simultaneous analysis of over 40 cellular parameters on a single-cell level, enabling the investigation of complex cellular systems. The usage of metal labeling instead of fluorochome conjugation, as used for conventional flow cytometry, results in none to minimal spectral overlap.

As a high-parameter technique, mass cytometry depends on standardized antibodies that ensure consistent performance. To improve your data quality when it comes to mass cytometry, we have extended our portfolio to include recombinantly engineered antibodies specifically optimized for CyTOF® applications. 

Why use recombinant antibodies?

Our REAfinity Recombinant Antibodies provide high lot-to-lot consistency, resulting in reliable and reproducible results. Advantages for mass cytometry users include:

REAfinity Anitbodies have been optimized for flow cytometry applications and are therefore easily transferrable to your CyTOF® application
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Recombinantly generated
Highly reproducible results through consistent antibody quality

Mutated Fc region abolishing FcγR binding
Made to eliminate background signal

Consistent human IgG1 isotype
No isotype-dependent variation during metal conjugation

Expression in standardized mammalian culture system
No unwanted Ig impurities

High lot-to-lot consistency 
Accurate comparison of flow cytometry and mass cytometry experiments with the same REAfinity Antibody clones

Every REAfinity Antibody comes as a human IgG1 isotype. The pure antibodies are provided at a concentration of 1 µg/uL in aqueous buffer and are therefore optimized for conjugation with heavy metal isotopes.

Performance data

Comparison between flow and mass cytometry
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Consistent reagents, consistent results

The usage of the same recombinant antibody clone for both flow cytometry and mass cytometry assays contributes to standardization efforts, providing highly comparable and consistent results.

Representative viSNE analysis of NK cell markers
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Using REAfinity Recombinant Antibodies for mass cytometry experiments will help to improve your results by reducing antibody-dependent variabilities. 

An example of performance data using REAfinity Antibodies for the characterization of natural killer (NK) cells shows sensitive detection of both the more broadly expressed marker CD38, as well as very specific markers such as NKG2C, KIR2DL3, and KIR2DL1.


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REAfinity™ Antibodies for mass cytometry - Recombinantly engineered to increase reproducibility

Custom antibodies and bulk requests

You cannot find your desired antibody or size? Request your custom antibody now! Every antibody clone can be requested as a pure version for CyTOF® applications.

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